Thursday, January 7, 2010

Philomath Middle School history projects

We are pleased to host student history projects from Philomath Middle School. Many of Becky Goslow's social studies students visited our museum to do research about people and places around Philomath and Corvallis and the results are wonderful! Please stop by the museum to see what's new, including the student history projects! Projects exhibited include:
  • Harris Covered Bridge by Anna Rose Petersen
  • Peak, Oregon by Brooke Wendland
  • W.S. Walker by Josephine York
  • Phil-o-rink by Sage Forson
  • Flossie Overman by katelynn Thrall
  • Our Old House by Dustin Berry
  • The Church of Latter-Day Saints by lauren Hindman
  • Oregon State University by Jessica Hardenburger
  • Peace Lutheran Church by Courtney Croy
  • The Henkle Building by Simone Newell
  • The Sheak House by Haylee Grimmer
  • Calvin Presbyterian Church by Jordan Nelson
  • The History of Benton County Historical Society by Madeline Lehman
  • My Abode by Althea Hinds-Cook

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  1. My 11th grade U.S. History class was encouraged to volunteer at our town historical society (Darien Historical Society). We worked on making an index of topics covered in old newspapers in the museum collection and it was a very interesting project. That was 25 years ago and I'm still working for historical societies!

    The Director of the Darien Historical Society at that time was Patricia Wall. Last night I was pleased to learn that she has recently published an historical fiction book for youth about the topic of slavery in New England, self-published at Fall Rose Books