Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oreodont skull & Mastadon jaw

One aspect I love about my job is the opportunity to meet experts from diverse fields of interest who use the museum resources for their research projects. A Portland State University archaeologist was here conducting research yesterday and I took the opportunity to photograph a few artifacts from the Horner natural history collection. -mt

Here we have an Oreodont skull (circa 4 - 48 million years old)!
Lower jaw and teeth of mastodon, unearthed at Newberg, Oregon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Three Rows of Compact Shelving Installed!

We are happy to announce that SpaceSaver Specialists, Inc. installed the first three rows of compact shelving in the Peter and Rosalie Johnson Collections Center on June 8, 2010. Two rows (on the left in the photo) will store rolled textiles and the one on the right is a rack to hang framed artwork. We hope to raise additional funds to complete our project: 22 more rows storage, including more art racks, drawers for small artifacts, costume cabinets, gun racks and open shelving to store our collections! Thank you to the donors who made this great start possible!Update June 24, 2010: Rolled textile storage is filling up with precious quilts!